Abdullah Qusayri released his new song “Feek w Aleik”

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- Riyadh, KSA
Abdullah Qusayri released his new song “Feek w Aleik” - Riyadh, KSA

Abdullah Qusayri, who won the singing category in the second season of MBC Academy’s Creative Journey program, has released his first song titled “Feek w Aleik”. His success in the program was a rich experience. By making it to the finals stage, he was able to win. The song “Feek w Aleik” was written by the poet Al-Salal, composed by Alshakhes, and produced and distributed by Platinum Records. Abdullah Qusayri praised his collaboration with AlSalal in his new song, saying, "AlSalal has shown great concern for the success of the work and has made a clear effort. No matter what I say, I will not do it justice.” Qusayri also mentioned that he benefited greatly from his participation in the Creative Journey program, He said that his success in the singing category was due to his interactions with professional musicians and artists. He is currently working on new projects with the hope of achieving more success in his career.

Here’s the link to the song “Feek w Aleik” on Platinum Records’ YouTube channel:   


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