Afraa Sultan new song & video clip release “Helou Metlak”

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- Riyadh, KSA
Afraa Sultan new song & video clip release “Helou Metlak” - Riyadh, KSA

Iraq Idol winner Afraa Sultan has just released her new music video, “Helou Metlak”, produced by Platinum Records. This is her second song release after "Hobna", which she released a year ago along with a music video. The lyrics of "Helou Metlak" were written by Qusay Issa and composed by Ali Saber. The video was directed by Walid Nassif, who added his unique touch to the song. Afraa Sultan shared her experience during the preparation and filming of her latest song, saying: “While working on the song “Helou Metlak”, I collaborated extensively with composer Ali Saber to create a piece that would satisfy the audience. For the video clip, I want to take a moment to thank the director, Walid Nassif, who utilized the latest artificial intelligence technology to direct the video. We presented a unique and innovative idea, and I hope that the song and video will be well-received by the audience. Our work team was dedicated to every detail, and I believe our efforts will pay off. It's worth noting that I won the title of Iraqi Idol in the second season of Iraq Idol in 2022, which marked the beginning of my artistic career with Platinum Records.”


You can watch the music video on Platinum Records' YouTube channel:

Platinum Records New Song Afraa Sultan