Jori Kattan addresses the feelings of loved ones in her new song “Leil Hadi”

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- Riyadh, KSA
Jori Kattan addresses the feelings of loved ones in her new song “Leil Hadi” - Riyadh, KSA

Jori Kattan, who rose to fame on the talent show "Boulevard", has released her latest single "Leil Hadi". This is her first song with Platinum Records after joining its group of stars. In her new romantic song, Jori explores a range of emotions and portrays a situation where loved ones are expressing their grievances on a cold winter night. She conveys the conflicting feelings they experience, most notably the fear of losing the one they love. Jori Kattan always chooses a different singing style that highlights her vocal abilities in every new work. She considers this diversity a source of richness in her artistic career. She also doesn't mind singing in several languages, as
she did recently at the Al-Midan Theater in Jeddah. Jori Kattan revealed that "Leil Hadi" presents an unusual idea that differs from what is currently prevalent in the Arabic song market, both in terms of lyrics and melody. She expressed her gratitude for the song's writer and composer Ahmed Al-Attas for providing her with a piece that suits her singing identity and aspirations. She says that the song touched her feelings as soon as she heard it for the first time. Last year, Jori Kattan won the Favorite New Face award in the music category at the third edition of the Joy Awards Festival. Her participation in the "Boulevard Talent" program is considered an important milestone in her promising artistic career, which combines singing, composing, and writing.

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