Hams Fekri rocks the stage of “Mualaqa 45” with her new song

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- Riyadh, KSA
Hams Fekri rocks the stage of “Mualaqa 45” with her new song - Riyadh, KSA

Hams Fekri recently released her new song "Beini wa Beinak" on the cultural program "Mualaqa 45". The show, which airs on MBC1 and Al-Thaqafiya, features a competition between contestants reciting poetry. During her appearance, Hams performed her new song, which was well received by the audience. Her singing in the classical language along with her poetic performance captivated the audience. "Beini wa Beinak" was written by Ali bin Al-Hassan Al-Bakharzi and belongs to the school of the Abbasid era. The melody was composed by Yazid Al-Khaled , arranged by Dani Helou & produced by Platinum Records. Hams Fekri expressed her happiness to perform in classical language for the first time and participate in the "Mualaqa 45" program. She felt honored to be part of a show that revives the legacy of poetry in the land of the Mu'allaqat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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