Hams Fekry: "My new song “Katoum” is the closest to my heart."

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- Riyadh, KSA
Hams Fekry: "My new song “Katoum” is the closest to my heart." - Riyadh, KSA

Following the success of “Tenasani” released in July, Saudi artist and winner of the Saudi Idol title for 2023 Hams Fekry dropped her new song “Katoum” composed by Abdel Salam Majid, written by Mohammed Al Qasimi, and distributed and produced by Platinum Records.

“Katoum” is a modern Tarab track with a romantic and melancholic vibe. Its lyrics portray the discrete nature of people who hide their emotions, joys, and sorrows. Hams Fekry is an artist known for her unique music style that sets her apart and shapes her artistic journey. She successfully conveys the emotions of an introvert through this song.

Expressing her excitement about “Katoum”, Hams Fekry stated: “This song is the closest to my heart. I’m thrilled about its release, which required attention to every detail, from selecting lyrics and melody to distribution and choosing the right musical instruments.”

Hams Fekry recently appeared on Shaqqat Al Malazz, a show on the Shahid platform that features Saudi artists, where she showcased part of her new song “Katoum”, which received great positive feedback.

Listen to Hams Fekry’s song “Katoum” and watch its music video on the Platinum Records YouTube channel:

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