Platinum Records unveils “Haramy”, a song by Tunisian artist Nour Kamar.

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- Riyadh, KSA
Platinum Records unveils “Haramy”, a song by Tunisian artist Nour Kamar. - Riyadh, KSA

From her early days captivating audiences on The Voice Kids where her unique voice caught the ear of the legendary Kadim Al-Sahir, to her enchanting performance on the Boulevard al-Mawaheb show, Nour Kamar continues to mesmerize fans with her latest Egyptian song “Haramy”. This single marks her second release with Platinum Records, which manages her artistic career, following the previous collaboration featuring the song “Zay El-Fol” last year.

Nour Kamar, whose voice and talent have stolen the hearts of listeners and viewers, now has her heart stolen by “Haramy” that translates to “thief” in English. This lively and youthful song written, composed, and arranged by artist Mohamed Yehia beautifully captures the love story that Nour is currently living with her fiancé.

The music video accompanying the song is directed by Eli Fahd and it marks his second collaboration with the artist. The song’s lyrics come to life in appealing visuals, featuring Nour Kamar in a storyboard with several female dancers in the background.

Watch “Haramy” by Nour Kamar on Platinum Records’ private channel.

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