Abdulaziz Mane’s song “Hebb Nafsak” has garnered millions of views

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- Riyadh, KSA
Abdulaziz Mane’s song “Hebb Nafsak” has garnered millions of views - Riyadh, KSA

Abdulaziz Mane, who gained fame through the “Saudi Idol” program, recently released his debut song  “Hebb Nafsak”. The song was produced and distributed by Platinum Records and gained millions of views soon after its release. Abdulaziz Mane’s unique vocal quality and capability to perform multiple singing styles in various dialects drew attention during his participation in the finals of the “Saudi Idol” program earlier this year. Asala, a member of the judging panel in the “Saudi Idol” program, predicted a bright artistic future for him. Mane recently participated in the Riyadh Season concerts, and in the Abiyah Festival in Diriyah. He also participated in the musical play “Jameel and Buthaina” by Caracalla, which was shown in Al-Ula, and the Anghami Lab concert in Riyadh recently. The song “Hebb Nafsak” is written by Watad, composed by Ahmed Al-Loughani, arranged by Muhammad Al-Jasmi, and mixed and mastered by Montazer Al-Zayer. Immediately upon its release on Platinum Records’ YouTube channel, the song “Hebb Nafsak” achieved nearly three million views in the first week of its release. Abdulaziz Mane revealed that the song dates back to the “Saudi Idol” stage, where it was among the musical works that were presented to him, and it caught his attention from among the group of songs that he listened to. He found in it a space to express his voice, which he was careful not to overshadow with the music. Abdulaziz Mane promised his fans more musical works in the next stage.


Attached is the link to the song “Hebb Nafsak” on Platinum Records’ YouTube channel:


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